1) Take survey data on ground or by installing GPS with camera on bikes, motorcycle and cars. Listing the ward map by going to concerning ward office. 2) After receiving survey data, keep the data as backup in the server. (i) Make data entry for survey data received from ground survey with connecting data from survey form and data from GIS in Microsoft. (ii) Download data from survey camera which are installed on bike, motorcycle and cars and make it to the JPEG format with Registrator Viewer software. Make data entry for these JPEG in Microsoft. (iii) Scan the ward map received from the concerning offices. Make Geo Reference and data entry directly in GIS Software. 3) Check whether data is correct or it has duplicates. (i) Check whether the categories created for data which are in data entry are correct or not. (ii) Make sure not to have duplicate data by using excel and ArcMap Software. (iii) Re-take survey for POI which are not sure or okay. 4) Provide these checked data in No.3 by exporting so that they could be need in GIS Map and Design Map. 5) Distribute maps after printing so that public would use them.